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A picture is worth a thousand words

Welcome to Paul Cable Photography where a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words’

Our mission is to give you the feeling of having an in house photography team at your finger tips without the on going costs of running one.

By outsourcing your work you can rest assured that as specialists in the field of photography our experience and drive to be the best will bring you the photos you need.

In House Feeling

You don’t need an in house studio to feel like you have the support of one.


A state of the art studio equipped with backdrops, high end cameras, lighting and the latest editing software.


Experienced in and equipped for on location photography.


We don’t just take pictures, we can design an entire visual concept; Image positioning, descriptive text, creative lighting, backdrops and more.


No matter your photography needs we can offer advice on image requirements and tailor a package just for you.

High Quality Imagery

Your images will be processed with the latest software and exported with the correct resolution for your requirements


Latest News

The majority of photography work involves social interaction and due to the Covid-19 outbreak we all need to take precautions to reduce the potential spread of the virus. I will still be taking on work but will assessed each job individually for possible risks to myself and my clients.